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If you need a professional roofer in the Fylde Coast area, I am happy to offer my services. I have many years of experience in the roofing industry. 

Meaning I have dealt with almost any roofing issue you could encounter. No matter your needs, I can provide expert assistance. 

Homeowners and businesses will encounter similar roofing issues. And keeping your property in good condition relies on efficient local roofing services. 

As a roofing contractor in the Fylde Coast area, residents in and around Blackpool can rely on my skills. 

Our Services

Slate Tiling Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Slate Tiling

Slate tiles are a popular roofing material as they are incredibly durable. If you have loose slates or want to replace your existing tiles, Paul Jones Roofing Contractor can help.

Flat Roofing Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Flat Roofing

Flat roof installations are another speciality of mine. Flat roofs are cost-effective and provide excellent protection from the weather. They are ideal for small buildings and garages.

Skylight Installations Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Skylight Installations

Skylights and Velux windows complement loft conversions well. I will be happy to install any skylights or windows you need for your roof.

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Slate Tiling in Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Slate tiles bring many benefits when used as a roofing material. These range from energy efficiency to fire resistance. For those in Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham who want to enjoy these benefits, my slate tiling service is ideal. 

Installations and tile replacements are efficient and affordable for all clients. I also pride myself on the high quality of my work, guaranteeing satisfaction. 

Fylde Coast Roofing Services

As an experienced roofing contractor, I can provide a complete range of services to my clients. Whatever your roofing needs, from installations to maintenance and repairs, I can help. Relying on my expertise is the best way to care for your roof.

Understanding the local climate also helps me take good care of your roofing materials. As a local contractor, I can best protect your property from the elements. 

Roofing Services Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Roofing Services

Slate Tiling Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Slate Tiling

Re-Roofing Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham


Lead Work Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Lead Work

Flat Roofs Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Flat Roofs

Fibreglass Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham


Skylights Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham


Velux Windows Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Velux Windows

Domestic Roofing Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Domestic Roofing

Commercial Roofing Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

Commercial Roofing

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Flat Roofing in Blackpool, Layton and Kirkham

My flat roof service covers everything from installations to replacements. Flat roofs are best suited to smaller buildings, like garages or sheds, and offer great protection. They are more affordable than sloped roofs but offer great longevity and durability.

If you are considering a flat roof for your building, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to offer professional suggestions and advice, along with free quotes on any roofing work.

Roofing Expert In The Fylde Coast

Roofing Expert in  The Fylde Coast

I have worked hard to gain a reputation as a reliable local contractor in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast. Local domestic and commercial property owners can trust my roofing expertise. 

I am dedicated to providing high-quality services at all times. Combined with a focus on integrity and trustworthiness in all my work.

If you need an expert roofing contractor around the Fylde Coast, Paul Jones Roofing Contractor is your number one choice.