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Do I Need A Skylight Replacement

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  • 28-03-2024
Do I Need A Skylight Replacement

This article asks: Do I Need A Skylight Replacement? Learn the key signs of wear and damage that indicate the need for a new skylight. 

 How Do I Know If My Skylight Needs Replacing?

There's a multitude of signals that you might need to replace your skylight, some are quite covert and may not be immediately obvious. A spectrum of signs can present themselves, varying from the less conspicuous like a spike in energy bills, diminished light levels or an altered ambience inside your home; to the considerably more glaring like the occurrence of leaks or maybe visible physical damage.

A skylight that has been correctly looked after can have an impressively long life, however, in line with the rest of your home, over time it's decidedly liable to start showing signs of wear and tear. A salient symptom to be mindful of is a surge in condensation. You may see such a development if there's moisture appearing around your skylight or perhaps directly on it. This damp build-up could be indicative that your skylight is past its prime and requires replacing.

Further clues might extend to the skylight's glass warping or discolouring, problems with opening and closing the skylight efficiently as it used to do, or even the sudden tangible presence of drafts. If you notice any of this, it could be high time for a replacement. Remember, it's crucial to keep a regular eye out for these potential indicators, to ensure your skylight remains at its most functional condition and doesn't become a drain on your household energy or compromise your comfortable home atmosphere. 

 The Most Common Skylight Problems

Skylights, like every component of a home, are prone to a range of problems over the course of their lifespan. Recognising these common issues with skylights and addressing them early can not only save you time and money, but also prevent possible harm to your residence in the future. These problems might be simple or complex, varying from small leaks to issues with the framework.

However, the most crucial thing is to identify them at the earliest possible stage, which will save you from hassle and unnecessary expenses later on. By understanding these common skylight problems, you can maintain the beauty and functionality of your skylight while keeping your home safe and secure. 


Condensation is a common problem experienced with skylights. This occurs when warm, moisture-laden air comes into contact with a cold surface such as your skylight.

This interaction can become particularly intense during colder weather conditions. If this issue is neglected for a prolonged period, the condensation could potentially escalate into larger problems, causing damage to the structural integrity of your roof.

Moreover, it might also ruin the interior finishes surrounding the skylight. Therefore, it's essential to address this issue promptly to prevent any severe damages.

Do I Need A Skylight Replacement | Skylight Replacements In Blackpool, Layton And Kirkham


A leak can arise due to various reasons. Sometimes, the cause may be an error during the installation process. This often happens when the skylight is not fitted in the correct manner. In other instances, the seals might be damaged or failing. These seals are crucial as they prevent water from seeping in. 

Similarly, there could be issues with the roof's flashing, which can also result in leaks. It's essential to take leaks seriously as they not only impair the functionality of your skylight but can even cause considerable damage to your home. It may affect the adjacent roof, causing a deterioration in the roof's condition. Furthermore, leaks can also adversely impact the interior of your dwelling, leading to potential water damage.

Seal Failure

The seal that envelops your skylight plays a crucial role in its effective operation. Should this seal fail, it can lead to a myriad of issues like unwelcome air ingress, water seeping in, and an annoying fogging phenomenon occurring between the skylight's glass panes.

These issues can affect the functionality and aesthetics of your skylight. Spotting a broken or faulty seal is generally a sure-fire indication that your skylight is due for an urgent replacement.

 What To Do If Your Skylight Is Leaking

Should you discover your skylight is leaking, it is crucial not to panic. It might be startling initially, but typically, this issue can be resolved. The first step to addressing this problem is identifying where it is coming from. The leak may be a result of condensation, an issue with the flashing, or even a failure in the seal.

Condensation usually occurs when there is a difference in temperature between the inside and outside. The problem with the flashing can happen if it was not installed correctly or if it's already worn out.

A seal failure, on the other hand, indicates that the sealant used during the installation has perhaps worn away. Addressing these issues might appear daunting if you're not familiar with the process. Therefore, if you're unable to locate or remedy the leak by yourself, then it's a clear sign that professional aid is needed.

Skylight specialists are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to assist. They can guide you in navigating the complexity of detecting the problem and ultimately fixing your skylight, or if required, replacing it altogether. 

What To Do If Your Skylight Is Leaking

 Can I Replace My Skylight Myself?

Although some people might be capable of carrying out a skylight replacement by themselves, in general, it's strongly advised to employ a proficient professional to complete this task. The primary reason for this recommendation is to guarantee that the job is accomplished correctly, ensuring that your home is safe from any possible damage.

Moreover, hiring a professional can potentially help you to sidestep costly future repairs that might occur due to incorrect installation. A properly installed skylight can enhance your home's comfort, energy efficiency, and overall aesthetics. Hence, it's essential to leave this task to experts for optimal results.

How Much Does Skylight Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing a skylight is not fixed and can be influenced by several factors, tailoring primarily to your home's individual requirements. The size of the skylight that needs to be replaced and its style are significant aspects affecting the budget. 

Potential skylight types range from tubular and fixed to vented, each carrying a differing cost due to their distinct features and installation requirements. Another element to consider is the material of your roof, with certain materials demanding a higher outlay due to their unique installation process or necessity for more specialised equipment or expertise.

A routine replacement may escalate into a more substantial project if additional roof repair is required. This could involve detecting leaks, sorting out insulation issues, or replacing the damaged roofing material and bear a meaningful impact on the final expenditure. 

 It is highly recommended to contact professionals in the field to get a comprehensive quote. This approach not only guarantees an accurate estimate that considers all potential costs but also provides service from professional, trained individuals who can ensure the highest quality of work.

While the immediate investment in a premium skylight replacement may appear hefty, it's important to look at the bigger picture. High-quality skylights tend to last longer, significantly reducing the risk of frequent repair costs. Plus, they help to regulate your home's temperature more effectively, contributing to energy efficiency and savings on utility bills over time. Thus, the decision to update your old skylight with a top-notch replacement can certainly pay off and should be deemed as a valuable, long-term investment.

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